Yuzu C.Junos: en el mediterráneo

Valencia is a land of citrus. The Mediterranean strip, due to its edapho-climatic conditions, stands out as a very suitable place for the cultivation of citrus fruits. However, it was an unknown how specifically the Yuzu tree would adapt in our fields.

Before, we had to wait patiently to complete the process of quarantine, multiplication and propagation of the variety C.Junos in our land of Valencia.

Only after three long years were we able to confirm the quality of fruit that we expected.

From there, we have needed several annual cycles to discover the keys to the correct adaptation of a tree that in general is adapted to night / day, winter / summer cycles more extreme than those of the Mediterranean, much more benevolent than the climate of origin in Japan.

Actualmente podemos ofrecer, sin duda, la mejor calidad de fruta fresca de Yuzu disponible, en los meses de cosecha, Octubre y Noviembre

Fresh fruit, available in season

In October / November, if we could know your needs in advance, we can plan the perfect selection, packaging and delivery in 24 hours anywhere in Europe of the highest quality available fruit.

For your sweet and savory culinary creations, the best quality fruit available.





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