the best breed and origin of Yuzu - c. Junos

This is one of our fields in Valencia. 

back in 2009 we imported from Japan the best breed of Yuzu available for its quarantine in the Valencia Citrus Institute.

Valencia is a citrus land. The Mediterranean strip, due to its edapho-climatic conditions, stands out as a very suitable place for citrus cultivation. However, it was unknown how specifically the Yuzu tree would adapt in our fields. Before, we had to wait patiently to complete the quarantine, multiplication and propagation process of the C.Junos variety in our land in Valencia. 

Only after three long years were we able to confirm the quality of fruit that we expected.

our Yuzu products

Procesamos con medios propios la fruta cultivada en nuestro campos, localizados en la Comunidad de Valencia en cuatro localizaciones distintas

fresh fruit

in harvest season, from October to December, we can offer you our selected fresh fruit, delivered to your home.


completely handcrafted, we extract the fruit juice with exclusively mechanical means


while squeezing the fruit, we separate the peel from the pulp using exclusively mechanical means

essential oil

through a delicate cold-pressing process, we slowly extract a limited amount of the excellent oil from the fruit peel


we stock seed both for planting new trees and frozen seed for extraction


customer satisfaction is our top priority, we offer fair and transparent prices for production of jam & confitted fruit

since 2009

Our fruit is of Japanese origin.

back in 2009 we imported the best Yuzu breed from Japan to the Citrus Institute in Valencia for quarantine, multiplication and propagation in our fields.

Now we cultivate this breed in Valencia.


cultivated and produced in Europe for Europe